Hey! Welcome to Soulshine Blooms! I'm a backyard flower farmer spreading Peace, Love and Happiness through Flowers, Seeds and Art. I hope my creations make you smile.

So wow, I’m still buzzing around after our first festival. It was such a lovely event filled with the best vibes in town. My jam, is good people and great music. Thank you so much to all that came by and said hi. I enjoyed meeting so many beautiful people and seeing all the beautiful faces I haven’t seen in so long. All the love and support is helping us bloom at a joyful pace.

The flower crowns were such a hit. Big shout out to my girl Heidi Sterle for helping me late into the night and my girl Stacey Ceboll for helping me bring my setup to life. And to all my friends who came and supported my dreams xoxoxo – and last but not least Fairport Harbor Arts and Culture Alliance for putting this event on. I can’t wait till the next one. If you made it this far, thanks for reading ✌️

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